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 Post subject: APEloader menu: 32-in-1 or PC APE software?
PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 10:22 am 

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First let me apologize for the large image that is stretching this post so you have to scroll to read it. I didn't know it would be shown full size, but just a clickable thumbnail, and if the admin can reduce it's size, cool, I don't know how.

I looked through the entire first page of this forum, to see if there was anything about AtariMax APEloader menu. But I didn't see anything, so I'm starting a new topic about it.

I've been using APE on my PC for years and several generations of the software. Long before I had the Atarimax Warp+ 32-in-1 OS installed in my 1200XL. Besides the Prosystem and Imagic co-apps, I've always used APE to either directly load ATR images, or set up a PC mirror and load .exe, .xex, .com, etc. files using a DOS on my Atari.

Yesterday, I accidentally discovered the APEloader menu that runs on the Atari, to load these executables directly, like AspeQT, but you start the executable by selecting the corresponding letter to the file from the APEloader menu instead of a cold-boot after mounting on the PC like with AspeQT.

I didn't realize this menu existed until now. My main and first question about the APEloader menu is if this is a feature of the Atarimax Warp+ OS board, or if this is being loaded up from APE PC software when I first cold start my computer an the menu comes up? (assuming a pc mirror is detected on drive 1)

I haven't found any reference so far, of the APEloader menu in my search so far through the APE and 32-in-1 documentation. I'm not sure how I never accidentally booted to the menu in the past either, it happened because I finally decided to look into the Remote Control app that is built into the 32-in-1 OS board, and while testing it, I found the APEloader menu.

Once I've established if this is a feature of the PC APE software or of the 32-in-1 board I will reserve other questions about APEloader and Remote Control.

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 Post subject: Re: APEloader menu: 32-in-1 or PC APE software?
PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:01 am 

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Hi there, Gunstar,

I hadn't known anything about this, and I've been a fan of the SIO2PC for ages (and still am!), so I'll have to check it out myself.

I did manage to find the following topic, related to this subject:


 Post subject: Re: APEloader menu: 32-in-1 or PC APE software?
PostPosted: Sun Mar 05, 2017 7:24 am 
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The Atarimax Ape Loader is loaded from APE via the SIO when you have a PC mirror image in slot one with Atari files xex and the like in that directory....
once you hold down option and turn the Atari on, it boots the Loader from APE and you can navigate using the Loader menu....
to pick a physical drive on the x86PC use CTRL+(DRIVE LETTER)
ctrl+C selects x86PC hard drive C:

you end up in the root drive C:

select the letter preceeding any \foldername and it switches into that directory
select letter A \.. or bk sp (backspace key) and it switches back out one directory level

tab to select loading address base.... some programs use 3 sector boot loaders and such choosing different address lets most of them run
arrow up and down moves thru the selected directories content

shift and a letter zooms or jumps to those files beginning with that letter in the directory

to return to the back out one directory choice from zoom either press the up arrow on the Atari until you see the A \.. and choose A or press the bk sp (backspace key)
press the letter preceeding an xex or other file and it will attemp to load it.

I save a copy of in my pc mirror drive and my root directory I use apeloader to call and have it mount and run my atr's

_The Doctor__
 Post subject: Re: APEloader menu: 32-in-1 or PC APE software?
PostPosted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 7:05 am 

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Outside of what you just put up here Doc.. is there no other documentation for this?

I too have used APE for a while and was not aware of this.

Though right now, my SIO2PC ser. just kacked.. and I cant seem to get ahold of S. Tucker.


 Post subject: Re: APEloader menu: 32-in-1 or PC APE software?
PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2017 4:37 pm 

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Can you call the menu only a boot?

What if you have a hardware DOS like Spartados?

I have my old T40 laptop under the desk on a shelf.. so I never access it.. if I need to see the menu I go through my current laptop and teamview in so I can load images etc.

Would be nice to be able to do some of that from that atari.


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