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Atarimax Ultimate SD Multi-Cart for the Atari 5200

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Chapter 5: Setting Cartridge Options

Options Menu Settings

Menu Screen The non-volatile menu options for the Ultimate SD cartridge can be accessed by pressing the '*' key on the keypad at any time.

Menu options are non-volatile and are saved automatically each time you exit the configuration menu.

To select or change an option, use the joystick and press FIRE to change the selection option.

Press '*' again to leave the configuration menu and return to navigating your SD card directory.


Setting this option to OFF will suppress all sounds that might be generated by the Ultimate SD menu software. Please note that once a game starts, sounds will play normally.


Setting this option to OFF will disable the use of multiple colors throughout the Ultimate SD menu software, resulting in a monochromatic menu display.

Navigation Speed

This setting controls how quickly the lightbar moves up and down in response to joystick movements. If you have trouble moving the lightbar just a single line in a comfortable amount of time, try setting this to a slower level.


This setting specifies where the Ultimate SD menu software will look for the associated materials directories described in Chapter 3. This includes the 'IMAGES' and 'MANUALS' sub-directories.

Disable CPU Services

The Ultimate SD has been tested to be compatible with all existing 5200 game images. However, the advanced CPU services of the cartridge are potentially detectable to new software. If you wish to disable these services after a game starts, set this option to ON. In this mode advanced game services such as loading and saving from SD card are not available and the running game will in no way be able to distinguish the Ultimate SD cartridge from a standard ROM cartridge, even if using the CPU services interface code.

Hide .ROM Extensions

Setting to the ON will suppress the display of the .ROM filename extension on files ending in .ROM. This can help create a cleaner looking display which doesn't have .ROM cluttering up the screen after the name of every game in your directory.

Menu Colors

Use these options to change the GTIA colors used for the menu headers and footers.

Game Quickstart (BIOS Bypass)

Atari made 5200 games include a startup delay, during which the 5200 BIOS shows a Fuji logo and the game title. Setting this to ON will completely bypass this screen and start games that use the Atari 5200 BIOS instantly.


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