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     *** Amazing Full Color Atari Point-of-Sale 2 Sided Posters!! ***

These posters are 2 sided 'hanger' posters are were to be hung from 
 the ceiling of your local Atari arcade or retailer.  They are FULL COLOR
 with BEAUTIFUL artwork on both sides!  

If you love the Atari Art on thier cartridges, you will die for these
 posters!  They are full sized concept illustrations of the games.  The
 edges are 3-D sculpted, and the spears, lightning bolts, etc all seem
 to jump right out of the posters!

All posters are generally 20" long x 12" wide, but some are slightly larger
 due to the sculpting.

Currently Available:  Asteroids      : $25
                      Battlezone     : $25
                      Centipede      : $25          
                      Haunted House  : $25     
                      Star Raiders   : $25
                      Super Breakout : $25
                      Tempest        : $30
                      Warlords       : $30
                      Yars Revenge   : $25

Ultra-Rare PAC-MAN Flip Phone!  Excellent condition, works perfectly. 

 Description: Yellow, about 6" round when closed.  Flat area on bottom for
  easy desk use.  Pac man opens up (waka! waka!) for use with: 12 digit keypad,
  pulse dialing, mute, and last number redial.

 Bottom Markings: 'TM (c) '80 Bally Midway Mfg Co'
                  'American Telecommunications Corp'
                  [FCC Information Here] 
                  'Made in Hong Kong'
                  'Part #204661-01'
                  'Model #DEIF-8410' 
                  'Mfg Code: 8243'

A very rare collectors item.  $125


Intellivision Demo POS Display Game Instructions:

 Large 7x10" flip booklet with color photos of each game, and
  controller with overlay.  Instructions for each game and instructions
  to ask sales clerk for additional assitance.
 Pages Included (ringbound):
  Gold Cover Page w/ Intellivision Logo
  NBA Basketball
  NHL Hockey
  Electric Company Math Fun
  ABPA Backgammon
  Poker & Blackjack
  Price: $40


Pac-Man Portfolio folder, trapper-keeper type school folder.  Very
 colorful and new and unused.                                    $10    1

Pac-Man 'Kid Stuff' RUN-FOR-FUN  See & Hear storybook w/ record!  
 Absolute mint condition, no marks or tears, beautiful cover and 
 record.  A talking story/coloring book w/ sound effects. Rare!  $40    1

Pac-Man gumball bank!   Works perfectly, includes the key!   Put in a
 coin and get a gumball. Superior toy company.  About 6" high, 
 a large transparant pac-man holds gumballs or candy of your choice.  
 Yellow, blue and transparent with artwork.   Rare!             $40     1

MINT NEW Unstratched FLEER Pac-Man scratch-off game card!        $3     M

MINT NEW Unscratched FLEER Ms. Pac Man cards.  Set of 4 cards, includes
 all four 'acts' (mazes)                                         $15    M

Ms Pac Man FLEER stickers, many designs                          $3     M

Donkey Kong FLEER stickers, many designs                         $3     M

Atari Age Magazine: July/August 1983.  Volume 2, Number 2 MINT   $30    1

Pac-Man "Two Challenging Puzzles".  Milton Bradley 1982.  Use 14 peices
 to assemble 4 complete Pac-Men.  Logic puzzler.                 $5     1

Pac-Man TV Tray, Perfect condition, full color, full screen shot
 of a pac-man game in progress                                   $10    1

Q*Bert Jigsaw Puzzle, 551 pieces                                $10     1

Popeye board game, all peices and book                          $10     1

Organizer:  ATARI Bookshelf Sytle cartridge library.  Holds 8 Atari
             carts in a nice Woodgrain bookshelf foldout holder.  Features
             pockets on the back for holding manuals.  Great for
             protecting your extra-rare games.                $9    2
Atari Made 75o -> 300o TV Converter.  Part# Co-18994          $3    1