Reading the information on this list

A typical entry in a cartridge/software section would look like:

A  b    CX2601   Combat                    AT  U    $1.00   1 Color Label
(1)(2)  (3)      (4)                       (5) (6)  (7)   (8) (9)

1) This is the CONDITION CODE (or CC as indexed), all items are in perfect
   working order unless otherwise noted.  This condition is given to its
   cosmetic appearance for the most part. The codes for this field
   are as follows:

                    (P) Pristine [This item is in perfect or near perfect 
                                  condition, respective of its materials list]
                    (A) As New   [As when manufactured, almost no wear or
                                  label discoloration. Very Collectible]
                    (E,G,F,-)    [Excellent, Good, Fair and Poor respectively
                                  varying degrees of wear]
                    (N)          [This item/cart is missing its label]

                    (T)          [Box for this items has damage]

                    (L)          [Label is damaged, but present]

                    (B)          [Blemish but no tears]

2) List Code(or LC as indexed) indicate the materials included
   with the cartridge/soft.  For example, the item above is listed
   with 'b'.  This cart includes its original instruction manual.

   Other codes for this field are as follows:

                    (B)          Includes Box
                    (b)          Includes Book
                    (O)          ALL Overlays are included
                    (S)          Single Overlay Included
                    (#)          A number in this field represents the
                                  number of disks/cassettes included
                                  in a computer software title.
                    (J)          Cassette case or CD Jewelbox included.

                    (X) or (+)   This item has special requirements or
                                  additional materials are included, see
                                  comments on this item or inquire with

(3) This is the manufacturers part number, if any.

(4) Item description

(5) Manufacturers Code(or MC as indexed) indicates the name of the
    items manufacturer.  Codes are as follows:

    (PB) Parker Brothers       (IM) Imagic          (AB) Absolute
    (CB) CBS                   (VI) Vidtec/US Games (AT) Atari Corp
    (BA) Bally                 (CB) Commodore       (AC) Activision
    (CO) Coleco                (DA) Data Age        (EP) Epyx
    (MN) Mattel                (SE) Sega            (US) Us Games
    (20) Twentieth Century Fox (AP) Apollo          (ST) Sears Telegames
    (TS) Telesys               (MA) Magnavox        (FG) Froggo
    (TI) Texas Instruments     (TA) Tandy           (AM) Amiga
    (TG) Tiger Vision          (SP) Spectravision   (CM) CommaVid
    (PA) Panda                 (SU) Sunrise         (AH) Avalon Hill
                               (MY) Mythicon

    Computer software and oddball manufacturers are listed in the
     comments section.

(6) Rarity Code(or RC as indexed) represents my own personal opinion
     based on how hard this item is to obtain in my area.  You may notice that
     a cart in the box may have a higher rarity rating than the same
     title w/o the box. Codes are as follows:

    (VC) Very Common    (C)  Somewhat Common   (U)  Uncommon
    (R)  Rare           (VR) Very Rare         (ER) Extremly Rare
    (N)  New

(7) Item price.  Feel free to make an offer if you have a problem with
    it, though I usually only make deals on quantity orders.  But you
    never know :)

(8) Quantity on hand at the present time.

(9) Comments and/or additional descriptive information on this item.