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Atarimax Colecovision Ultimate SD Multi-Cart

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Chapter 1: Cartridge Overview

Cartridge Specification

The Colecovision Ultimate SD cartridge is an advanced SRAM based multi-cart for the Colecovision game system.

Product Overview

Technical Specs

Additionally, in designing the Ultimate SD cartridge I tried to make it as 'future-proof' as possible.

Each of the four major core components of the Ultimate SD design can be upgraded instantly by just placing new firmware files on the SD card and turning on the Colecovision!

Kit Contents

Your Kit Includes:

Lifetime Warranty

I personally designed the hardware, wrote the software and assembled your cartridge myself.

This level of familiarity with the design means I can offer you a level of support few other vendors in any business can match.

If your Ultimate SD Cartridge ever fails, for any reason other than clear abuse/misuse, I will repair or replace it at no charge.

I don't just offer a warranty to get your purchase, I actually honor it. As many enthusiasts in the video game community will attest, I routinely offer support and warranty service for items I sold as long as 15+ years ago.

For warranty support, just drop me an e-mail at


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