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Chapter 2: Ultimate SD vs 128-in-1 USB


What are the basic differences between the Ultimate SD cartridge and the 128-in-1 USB Cartridge?

Colecovision Ultimate SD
Colecovision 128-in-1 USB Cartridge
Ease of Use

Very easy to use if you are able to use SD cards and understand how to add and remove files from an SD card using the OS of your choice.

Does not include any PC software for WYSIWYG editing.

Files are read dynamically from the SD card and displayed on the Colecovision.

Includes high quality Windows software with easy drag-and-drop WYSIYWG cartridge editing.

Workbook system allows you to easily create different cartridge layouts and quickly write them to cartridge, without the need to know anything about filesystems, rom images or flash memory formatting.

ROM Support
  • Standard ROM Images up to 32K
  • Mega-Cart Bank Switched Images up to 512KB
  • Lord of the Dungeon, including NVRAM emulation
  • "Hybrid" 512KB Full Read/Write Banking Mode
  • "Storage" 512KB 30k/1k Banking Mode
  • Can be upgraded to handle additional modes

Supports standard Colecovision ROM Images up to 32K.

While this covers most of the ROM images produced for the Colecovision, it does not cover a few new homebrew games like Pac-Man Collection and Mario Brothers, which require the Mega-Cart bank switching scheme.

Does not support Lord of the Dungeon.


Hardware designed to be upgradable from SD card.

No practical limits on the number of ROM images stored per card.

Fixed hardware capacity of 128 ROM images per cartridge.

ROM images can be changed at any time by connecting to PC and applying changes from your Workbook to the cartridge.


Currently supports custom menu titles, text colors and customizations only applicable to the SD cartridge, like FAT32 directory sorting.

Can be configured to allow viewing of screen shots and manuals right on the Colecovision.

Advanced settings stored in plaintext INI files on SD card.

Does not currently support select-by-number from the Colecovision keypad.

Currently supports the highest level of customizability with advanced WYSIWYG Windows editing software.

Powerful point and click interface allows you to customize any part of the cartridge or menu without editing text files or fiddling with filesystem layouts.

Supports both scroll/click game navigation and select-by-number from the Colecovision keypad.

OS Support

OS Agnostic - Does not require and PC software.

Works with any OS or Device that can read and write a FAT32 formatted SD or MMC card.

Included Multi-Cart Studio software requires Windows with USB support.

Supports ALL version of Windows with USB support, including the newest 64-bit editions of Windows 7 and all the way back to Windows 95.

Software works well under virtualization software on Mac and Linux such as Parallels.



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