Output Customization

The disassembler is compatible with MAC/65 and it's highly customizable. In the Options menu, choose Assembler format option. It will open a dialog box where you can customize the disassembler to meet your assembler syntax.

When you have entered all the parameters for your assembler, you can save them into a .PRF file. This chapter explains all the fields of the dialog box.

You can load the .PRF file corresponding to your assembler by clicking on the Load profile button.

Three .PRF files are given:

LADS is an assembler that does not support many directives. It does not support .WORD and .SBYTE, does not want labels or equates in .BYTE, uses space as value separator in .BYTE,...In fact, it was very good to see if the disassembler could be customized !

If you want DIS6502 to load your profile automatically, save your settings in a file called ATARI.PRF, ORIC.PRF or 5200.PRF depending on computer mode. On startup, DIS6502 tries to load this file.

NOTE: If you use any other assembler and make a .PRF for it, please send it to my email address shown in the About box of the disassembler. I will include it in the next release.

When you open the 'Assembler format' dialog box, you see 3 sections called:

The fields of these 3 sections are explained below:

General section

Directive syntax section

Include files section