Purpose of DIS6502


The Atari 6502 Disassembler (DIS6502) is a Windows application that lets you interactivly disassemble an Atari binary file that resides on your hard disk or in image disks (.ATR/.XFD). You can then save a -ready to assemble- listing in a file.

DIS6502 has been created in the idea that a disassembly IS NOT a batch process but really AN INTERACTIVE AND ITERATIVE PROCESS !

For exemple, if you see a string in the object file, you should be able to tell the disassembler to put the string in a .BYTE directive avoiding the disassembly of it. Same thing for sprites or display lists.

DIS6502 is a 16-bit Windows program that runs on Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. I made a 16-bit program so that people that did not upgrade to Windows 95 can also use the disassembler.

Other computers

DIS6502 has been enhanced to disassemble files from other 6502 computers. It supports Oric and 5200 files.

To use DIS6502 for these computers, use a command line option:

Oric Tape files
DIS6502.EXE /Oric
5200 ROM files
DIS6502.EXE /5200