Viewing Sprites

Sometimes, you see that the disassembly listing is unreadable because there are some bytes that are not code but you do not know what it is. And you know that you are disassembling a game so there should be sprites or pictures inside the file! To view them, you can choose 'Select sprite' option in the Tools menu. It opens a dialog box and display the current segment datas as a bitmap.

Sprites from PACMAN

The horizontal scroll bar is used to set the width of the sprite. It means that if a sprite is 8 pixels wide in Antic mode A (80x48 with 4 colors), it takes 2 bytes per line. You set the horizontal scroll bar to 2 and you will see the sprite.

The vertical scroll bar is used to browse through the segment. The address of the upper left pixel is displayed as the Start address. If you click in the window, you will be able to select an area from Start to the point where you have clicked. If you select OK, the dialog box will close but the dump listbox will show the selection that you made in the 'Select sprite' dialog box. You just have to change the type of the selection to Byte to notify the disassembler that this part contains no code but .BYTE data.