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Chapter 9: Dumping Cartridges with a Dumping Adapter (ColecoVision, Atari 2600, etc)

Dumping Cartridges

With the use of a Dumping Adapter, your Maxflash USB Programmer can be utilized to dump existing cartridges for many other systems including

Other adapters may also be available. To order any adapter, please visit the Maxflash USB ordering page.

Dumping Procedure

Step 1

Unplug any attached USB cable and attach the dumping adapter you intend to use to the Maxflash USB by inserting it into the card edge connector as shown.

Step 1

The adapter board should be positioned so the text on the PCB saying the system name or 'THIS SIDE UP' is facing the same side as the Maxflash USB Programmer label, as shown.

Step 3

Attach the cartridge you wish to dump to the edge connector on the dumping adapter, as shown.

Step 4

Plug the USB cable into your Maxflash USB programmer to connect it to your PC.

Step 5

Select Cartridge->Dump from the drop down menu within Maxflash Studio, then select the system and cartridge type you are dumping.

Step 6

Dumping your cartridge should take less than 10 seconds. When completed, you will be prompted for a filename to save your new ROM image to.

The resulting ROM image can be used with Multi-Carts and emulators without modification.

When dumping Intellivision cartridges, a matching .CFG file will also be created with the name given, describing the memory map of the dumped cartridge.


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