Atarimax "Maxflash" Flash MultiCarts

Preliminary Documentation, 07/10/2003

©2003 Steven J Tucker

Important Notice!

The software described below has been superceded by the new Maxflash Studio software application.

This software is still supported for advanced users, but all new users should try the Maxflash Studio suite located here before attempting to use these programs and scripts.

Maxflash Chapter 2: Software Specification

All information here is based on the state of the beta testers toolkit as of 07/10/2003.

This is only an overview the available features, please see the kit usage documentation for a complete functional description of all options.

Only features for currently available hardware are described here. As of 07/10/2003 that means only features for the 1Mb cartridge.

While the cartridge itself is not machine or OS specific, and can run any code programmed into it, an open-source toolkit is provided to perform some functions for those who don't care to write software.

Software Overview

Key features of multicart generator script (-EXEPACKER option)

Key features of disk-cart generator script (-DISKPACKER option)

Key features of memory dump unpacker script (-MEMPACKER option)

Other features currently in build scripts.