Atarimax "Maxflash" Flash MultiCarts

Preliminary Documentation, 07/10/2003

©2003 Steven J Tucker

Important Notice!

The software described below has been superceded by the new Maxflash Studio software application.

This software is still supported for advanced users, but all new users should try the Maxflash Studio suite located here before attempting to use these programs and scripts.

Retired Maxflash Software Documentation, Including the Open-Source Software Kit

Chapter 1: Hardware/Cartridge Specification

Chapter 2: Software/Toolkit Specification

Chapter 3: Programming the Cartridge

Chapter 4: Installing the Maxflash software

Chapter 5: Using the MaxFlash software

Chapter 6: Using your Flash Cartridge

Chapter 7: Emulator Support

Chapter 8: Conversion Tutorials

Chapter 9: Links to Atari Game and Utility Software

Software Downloads

These downloads are documented at various places in the cartridge documentation.

Please review the documentation for instructions on how to use each package.