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please add cheat code system :)
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Author:  JRLS [ Mon May 14, 2012 1:58 pm ]
Post subject:  please add cheat code system :)

a cheat code system would be awesome!

e.g. you have a rom file, and you can make a corresponding cheatfile,
say donkeykong.rom and donkeykong.cht
or something like that,
the .cht file contains one or more cheats that can be activated, e.g. unlimited lives, unlimited time, invincible, etc,,
when starting a game, you get a cheat menu where you can select one or more cheats,
then the cheatcode(s) are patched to the rom in memory or to a temporary file and then started,
like action replay codes.
the actual rom file is not altered,

then it would be cool to have some cheat codes for certain games (or a lot, i hope :)),
so, i can finish certain games!

what do you think???!


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