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 Post subject: Colecovision Ultimate SD Cart Pre-Ordering Now Available!
PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, 2010 10:23 am 
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I'm pleased to announce that pre-ordering for the Limited Edition Colecovision Ultimate SD Cartridge is now available!

The Ultimate SD is an SRAM based Multi-Cart for the Colecovision and includes a 50 MIPS onboard CPU, advanced upgradable hardware logic, 512KB of SRAM and 128KB of block flash.

The kit includes the following:

  • Atarimax Colecovision Ultimate SD Cartridge
  • 32MB SD Card
  • Menu Software (Pre-loaded and ready to use on SD Card)
  • Free Firmware Upgrades and Technical Support
  • Real Lifetime Warranty

Plus a Suprise Pre-Ordering Bonus!


I'm happy to announce that in co-operation with Jean-Francois Dupuis of CollectorVision, I am providing two very special bonus items to everyone who pre-orders the Ultimate SD Cartridge!

Everyone who orders the Ultimate SD Cartridge will receive full digital editions of:

  • Mario Brothers (128K MEGA-CART Game)
  • Mr. Chin

These are the same games that are currently selling for over $50 each in boxed cartridge form!

Even if you are a hard core collector and already own these two fantastic games, you can now play your fully licensed digital editions on your Ultimate SD cartridge, or even in an emulator!

Ordering Information

Pre-ordering begins now, with shipments starting 08/15/2010.

Pre-order pricing is $129.95 per kit and due to time constraints this order run is limited to 100 kits.

For complete product information, order form and videos of the cartridge in action please visit:

Cartridge Overview

The Ultimate SD Cartridge supports the following Colecovision ROM formats:

  • All standard 32K or less ROM images.
  • MEGA-CART Bank-switched ROM images up to 512KB (Mario Bros, Pac-Man Collection, etc)
  • Lord of the Dungeon (Including NVRAM with automatic save to SD card!)
  • New modes including the Hybrid 512KB full Read/Write 8k/8k Bank-switching mode

The bank switching logic, CPU firmware, boot flash and menu software are all 100% field upgradable by just placing new files on the SD card and turning on the system!

Additionally, programs that use the C API for addressing the on-board CPU can load and save data directly to files on the SD card, allowing games of practically unlimited size to be developed!

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