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MyIDE-II Base Hardware Description
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Author:  classics [ Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:24 am ]
Post subject:  MyIDE-II Base Hardware Description

Here is a basic list of features for basic hardware. If you guys can think of anything else I'm missing please let me know and I'll revise it.

Also, please do not repost this anywhere as it very well may not be complete yet, I'm working on no sleep for the past few days.

Hardware Description

   3.3v Compact Flash Interface

      True 3.3v CF interface

         Safe for all 5v/3.3v and 3.3v 'embedded use only' CF devices.
         Tested with a wide range of CF media
         Compatible with Type-II CF devices, such as micro-drives and SD adapters.      
         High quality gold 3M CF Connector w/ upper and lower card guides.

      Card Power Control w/ Card Safety Features

         True 'hot plug' safe CompactFlash interface. 
            Card power is always off when card/device is inserted into CF socket.
            Card socket is always fully isolated when in power down state.
            Power can never be mistakenly enabled without card being present.
            Socket automatically and fully isolated (locked into power-down state) on card removal.
      Applications have complete card power control, can turn card power on and off as required when card is present.
      Hardware Media Change Detection w/ Access Lockout

         Media Change detection enables true 'hot swap' safe operation.
         Card signals are fully isolated from Atari, changing cards cannot 'glitch' host system.
         Media change lockout prevents software from touching card until media change acknowledged.

   Internal 512kB Cartridge Flash w/ Complete Maxflash Studio support and integration

      Full Maxflash USB Programmer and in-system flash programming support.
      True WYSIWYG Cartridge creation using free Maxflash Studio software.
      Create your own custom workbooks including Mr-Atari's MyBIOS, EXE/COM/XEX, ATR Images and more.
      Leverage your existing Maxflash Studio workbooks by just adding MyBIOS or other CF aware software packages to the menu, then sync and go!
   Internal 512kB Application RAM
      512kB of on-cartridge Application RAM.
      Provides 512kB of gaurenteed unoccupied RAM for advanced applicaton development.
   Advanced Cartridge Banking System

      Page based banking system, all pages have full read/write (or read-only if configured) access to all 512kB flash and RAM

      Left Cartridge Page (Standard left cartridge mapped to A000-BFFF)
      Right Cartridge Page (Standard right cartridge mapped to 8000-9FFF)
      Keyhole Page (Keyhole zone at D580-D5FF)

      Any page can be mapped to any device (flash or RAM) independently using seperate page registers.
      Page attributes (page on/off, page read-only or read/write) are independent.
      For programmers wanting easy access to expanded flash and RAM, the 'keyhole' page allows full read/write
       access to all 512kB of RAM and Flash through D580-D5FF area, without disturbing main memory in any way.

   50 Mhz CPLD Hardware Core

      System independent CompactFlash access timings
      Cartridge edge JTAG Interface, completely upgrade/swap logic core using Maxflash USB Programmer in seconds.

   Mr-Atari's 'MyBIOS' software included in purchase, with support from Mr-Atari (Sijmen Schouten)   

      MyBIOS is a now a drag-and-drop configurable Maxflash Studio item.
      Can be added to or removed from any workbook just like any item supported by Maxflash Studio
   Other Features

      100 Pre-order carts will be available in Clear, Clear-Green, Clear-Red and Clear-Blue cases.
      ( Note: Clear or Clear-Green look best to me with blue/green LEDs )

      Blue CF Access LED
      Green Card Power ON LED

      Professionally CNC Machined Case openings

      Professionally machine assembled PCBs   

      Low-level independent CF and hardware diagnostics software by Atarimax.

      Atarimax Real Lifetime Warranty

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