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Strange behavior with MyIDE-II on 130 XE with Swedish ROM
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Author:  mr-atari [ Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Strange behavior with MyIDE-II on 130 XE with Swedish RO

I hacked into the code and see that SHIFT+CONTROL+1/2 indeed set the characterset to $CC (2) or $E0 (1)

The characters at $CC00 are different from the standaard international set.
Also different mapped to the keyboard-layout.
Now I get the รค etc.


CB73: AD 09 D2          LDA KBCODE   [$D209] = $00
CB76: C9 DE             CMP #$DE
CB78: D0 05             BNE $CB7F
CB7A: A9 FF             LDA #$FF
CB7C: 8D FF 06          STA $06FF    [$06FF] = $00
CB7F: C9 DF             CMP #$DF
CB81: D0 05             BNE $CB88
CB83: A9 00             LDA #$00
CB85: 8D FF 06          STA $06FF    [$06FF] = $00
CB88: 48                PHA
CB89: AD F4 02          LDA CHBAS    [$02F4] = $A0
CB8C: C9 E0             CMP #$E0
CB8E: F0 06             BEQ $CB96
CB90: C9 CC             CMP #$CC
CB92: F0 02             BEQ $CB96
CB94: D0 10             BNE $CBA6
CB96: AD FF 06          LDA $06FF    [$06FF] = $00
CB99: F0 07             BEQ $CBA2
CB9B: A9 CC             LDA #$CC
CB9D: 8D F4 02          STA CHBAS    [$02F4] = $A0
CBA0: 30 04             BMI $CBA6
CBA2: A9 E0             LDA #$E0
CBA4: 30 F7             BMI $CB9D
CBA6: 68                PLA
CBA7: 60                RTS

Author:  THOMASSU63 [ Tue Apr 09, 2013 8:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Strange behavior with MyIDE-II on 130 XE with Swedish RO

The ROM was in the machine when I bought it new in 85. It was from a little family business run from their house. I think it was a company called Algatronic which was the swedish distributer of Atari at the time. I could be wrong though.

Are you using MyBios R2 when you're getting these results? Cause after I load MyBios I can't either get swedish characters.

What's a CLPD? I don't have the Maxflash cartridge.

Ok, so all ATR's are loaded as OSB. Then that's fine then. The executables load fine with and without OSB compatibility.

Are you supposed to get any feedback when you press shift-ctrl-2 in a game started from image space? A beep or something? Maybe the games I've tried aren''t just compatible with image space? I will try with some other games next.


Author:  mr-atari [ Wed Apr 10, 2013 2:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Strange behavior with MyIDE-II on 130 XE with Swedish RO

Hi Thomas,

The ROM is recognized as a patched XL/XE_rev1.
Most likely it's a unofficial piece of hardware, but nice to have!

The MyBIOS (any version) has it's own keyboard-routines and does not support character swap
as you know it. When the MyBIOS is in control it supersedes the internal OS.

CLPD is the controller inside the MyIDE-][
It has it's own firmware to drive the cartridge and it's functions.
Can only be updated with the programmer cartridge (as far as I know!)

SHIFT+CONTROL+number only works when the loaded game did not disable MyBIOS.
There is no feedback, except the one generated by the game (if any).
After swapping a disk, remember it's always write-protected.
You need to do SHIFT+CONTROL+U after the swap to make it R/W (if needed).


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