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Author:  Bozon [ Sun Apr 08, 2018 9:09 am ]
Post subject:  MyIDE II SRAM

Can somebody be so kind to explain what software currently uses the 512 K on board SRAM? I was under the impression that MyBIOS would use that but not sure?

Is there any OS that can use that RAM, for example, for RAMDISK. There is any procedure for patching 130XE only software to work with this RAM if you have a 64K computer? Can SDX be loaded on MyIDE II' SRAM (and use it) in order to let Atari's main memory free for programs?

Does any documentation exists on how to create a program that can access the 512 k SRAM?

Author:  mr-atari [ Mon Apr 09, 2018 1:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: MyIDE II SRAM

MyBIOS uses it all.
It has a build-in ramdisk-driver to patch D8: to this area.

FAT-loader uses it for loading ROM-images.
SRAM is switched to read-only to emulate cartridges.

SDX has a version you can load into SRAM too (uses 128/256k).
But is has, for as I know, no drivers to use the rest of the SRAM.

The SRAM is located at the same area as ROM.
So 8000-9FFF and A000-BFFF.
You can bank-switch these areas to hold:
-SRAM readonly (emulated ROM)
-64 banks available, in-dependable of these 2 areas.
I'm sure ATARIMAX has a technical manual somewhere that explains were to peek/poke.

IDE-access is in D500-D507


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