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"Embedded erase timout." or "Error D6" timeout w/ 8mbit cart
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Author:  classics [ Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:13 am ]
Post subject:  "Embedded erase timout." or "Error D6" timeout w/ 8mbit cart

Hi Guys,

One of the recent batches of 8mbit flash cartridges has flash ICs that take a about 2 seconds longer to erase than the previous lots.

Unfortunately when I wrote the last software revision and programmer firmware, I set the erase timeouts lower than they should be and these carts are triggering some difficulty programming with the USB interface and the current Maxflash Studio software.

If you get either of these errors when erasing/programming your carts, follow the procedure below to update your software and programmer firmware so they don't prematurely report erase errors.

The errors you might see are:

[USB Task] Error performing read operation! Timed out waiting for command D6 completion! (15000ms)


[USB Task] Error performing read operation! Embedded erase timout. Task aborted!

To update both the software and programmer firmware, follow these directions:

First download and install the Maxflash Studio update here: ... taller.exe

Run and install the update. After installing, run the new Maxflash Studio application. Click
the Help->About menu option and verify you are now running version 1.1 or higher of the
Maxflash Studio suite.

Then go to Tools -> Update Programmer Firmware -> Automatic Upgrade to Minimum Required Version

Once those updates are installed, try making a new workbook, attaching one of your
flash cartridges and programming it.


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