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 Post subject: MaxFlash Programing Question-Draconian & Galagon: Answered
PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2022 7:09 pm 

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I bought the MaxFlash Programmer along w/ the CV, Intellivision, and Atari 2600 Adapters. My issue currently is with some of my dumps using the Atari 2600 dumping adapter. I have also been using the Harmony Encore to move the dumped bin files to.

Some Context:

1. Most of the bins work just fine on the Harmony Encore.
2. I had issues with Solaris, Robot Tank, & Space Shuttle. They work fine in the console, but I can't get them running on the Harmony. I've cleaned them repeatedly, but my guess is the issue is with them and not the dumps from the MaxFlash Programmer, since the others work just fine.
3. My main issue is that I bought the full boxed versions of Draconian and Galagon and I have been unsuccessful at dumping them at 32K and having them work. I believe 32K is the maximum rom/bin size the Harmony Encore can handle. I did see a demo for Draconian, which was listed at 32K, but I can't find any additional information on them.

For those who may be more familliar with these games is the problem with dumping Draconian and Galagon and then running them on the Harmony an issue with the AtariMax Flash (not likely), not knowing for sure the exact size of the respective game carts, or the Harmony Encore just can't run them for some reason?


After much research, I have been informed that there are several things at play, but bottom line: The MaxFlash Programmer cannot dump Arm-based games like Draconian and Galagon. They function differently than standard 32K games. This is not a criticisim of the MaxFlash Programmer. I love what I have and will be able to do with it, which is to backup all my CV, INTV, and A2600 carts. I am unaware of any rom dumper that can currently dump these arm-based games for the Atari 2600. If someone knows otherwise, please feel free to update this post.

As it stands, I am currently satisfied that the fault lies not with my skill set, the MaxFlash Programmer or the Harmony Encore, but the ever progressing advancements in game cart technology. As an end user, I am still amazed that games like Draconian and Galagon can even play on the Atari 2600.

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