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new Driver for Logitech Wheel with RockFire USB Adapter
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Author:  cas [ Mon Jul 20, 2009 11:32 am ]
Post subject:  new Driver for Logitech Wheel with RockFire USB Adapter


after a very long time I was able to find some spare time during Fujiama Party last weekend to write a new USB Driver for a Logitech Steering Wheel.

You can find the sources, the driver and a patched PolePosition Version at

The special thing about this driver is that the Wheel is not an USB Device, instead it is an Controller for an PC GamePort (Analog). There is a USB Adapter called RockFire RM-230U tthat is converting between the PC GamePort Signals and the USB Cart. With this box, it should be possible to use all kinds of PC GamePort Devices.

It should be possible to use this new driver with all PC GamePort Steering Wheels.

The RockFire USB Adapter is available for about 20 US$ or 20 Euro, used GamePort PC Devices can be found for a few US$/Euros on Ebay or on flee-markets.

So far the Logitech is my only GamePort Wheel, but I will try to get another one to proof this theory.

If it turns out true, then with only 4 different drivers it will be possible to support a vast number of controller types.


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