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MyBIOS 4.8.05: -RE -RI -DE -DI (5-feb) -FI -FE (7-feb)
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Author:  mr-atari [ Sun Feb 05, 2012 3:22 am ]
Post subject:  MyBIOS 4.8.05: -RE -RI -DE -DI (5-feb) -FI -FE (7-feb)

The MyBIOS is a completely rewritten Atari-OS that complies to all official released 400/800 XL/XE documentation.
Except for relocate-able-drivers and cassette related routines (No room for it, sorry).
The new BIOS is coded to be seen as stock REV_02 (XL/XE) and also patched for OS_B (400/800) programs.
MyBIOS is designed to be downwards compatible.
If you have a program that does not run on this BIOS, please zip and send me a copy for evaluation purpose.

What is MyIDE?
MyIDE is a interface to connect a IDE-device, like CF-cards etc. to the Atari parallel bus-system. Due to the parallel data-transfer it’s extremely fast, at least 10 times faster then standard SIO. In special applications it can reach data-transfers up to 100 Kbytes/second or 200 sectors/second.

3rd Party software.
In the today’s world users upload there MyIDE-device with command-line driven “myidetool” and the windows-overlay “MyIDE Drive Manager LBA2”. These two fabulous 3rd party programs are downloaded together with this update. All 3rd party software is included.

FAT32 and SIDE.
The BIOS supports FAT32 entry in the MBR on your media for PC-usage.
On this FAT32-area you can copy .XEX files, which you can load on your Atari by a fat32-loader called SIDE.
SIDE is a program written by Candle

APT and SDX.
The BIOS supports APT entry in the MBR, to support SDX IDE-driver called “MyIDE.SYS” made by FJC.
You need to customize the SDX-rom to make it work with MyBIOS and/or APT
Please consult the SDX homepage for manual and SDX-customizer.
SDX will consume the whole 128k of your flashROM, leaving no room for your ATARIMAX workbook.

With this download you also find MyDOS. This is a popular DOS version used on the Atari platform.

Direct IDE-access.
Device X: is a powerful tool to direct access any LBA-sector on the IDE-media.

With F1, DE or DI you should NEVER hit RESET.
Use SHIFT+CONTROL+ESC for a reset.

New on MyBIOS 4.x.xx?
Update your LBA partition-sector!
Enter the MyIDE-MENU and EXIT/SAVE the first time.
And you are ready to go.

Author:  mr-atari [ Fri Jan 11, 2013 8:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: MyBIOS 4.8: -RE -RI -DE -DI -F1 -R1 [Compiled 11-jan] -y

There are three possible setup situations:

Explanation of the abbreviation
F=MyBIOS from ATARIMAX Flash-cartridge
D=MyBIOS from Disk (SIO)

E=External MyIDE connected to $D5xx, ATARIMAX/Homebrew IDE-Cartridge or internal kit connected to $D5xx
I=Internal MyIDE connected to $D1xx, ATARIMAX internal kit/Homebrew connected to $D1xx

ROM-versions. -RE -RI
For all types of MyIDE.
The MyBIOS supports FLASH-content of ATARIMAX 1 MB, ATARIMAX 8MB, MyIDE-I and MyIDE-II
This is a replacement OS for inside your Atari.
The BIOS runs in ROM and is the most compatible Atari XL/XE + 400/800 Operating system known 8)

Use SETUP to install MENU's and fat32-loader on your IDE-device.
(Hold SELECT in the BOOT-MENU, then press I to disable IDE)

DISK-versions. -DE -DI
For all types of MyIDE.
The MyBIOS supports FLASH-content of ATARIMAX 1 MB, ATARIMAX 8MB, MyIDE-I and MyIDE-II.
To boot with a FLASH-cartridge hold OPTION to boot LOAD from SIO.
This is a MyBIOS loaded from IDE using a short BOOT from SIO. The BIOS runs in RAM.

Use SETUP to install MyBIOS, MENU's and fat32-loader on your IDE-device.
SETUP needs 48k of RAM, so boot with OPTION correctly pressed to disable BASIC from the current OS.
Use LOAD to start your setup.

Flash-version. -FE -FI
For all types of MyIDE.
The MyBIOS supports FLASH-content of ATARIMAX 1 MB, ATARIMAX 8MB, MyIDE-I and MyIDE-II.
This is a MyBIOS loaded from FLASH using the ATARIMAX Studio setup. The BIOS runs in RAM.
Just add the packed BIOS to any ATARIMAX cartridge and you are ready to go!

No SETUP needed!
MENUs including fat32-loader are loaded from FLASH.

Author:  mr-atari [ Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: MyBIOS 4.8.05: -RE -RI -DE -DI -FI -FE (5-feb-2013)

Version #5

-Full 400/800 support.
-Fixed several "from menu to menu" user-requests issues.
-Patched SIDE for all ATARIMAX cartridges, internal/external MyIDE and MyBIOS-versions.
-Cleaned and removed left-over code from previous version.

Enjoy the update :)

Versions -FE and -FI are updated on 7-feb-2013.
There is a small bug in ROM-detection crashing the system when calling the MyIDE-MENU.
Please update to this new version.

Author:  mr-atari [ Tue Feb 05, 2013 1:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MyBIOS 4.8.05: -RE -RI -DE -DI -FI -FE (5-feb-2013)

for the ATARIMAX internal-kit, you need to make a flasher from the ROM -RI file. ... _tools.exe

Then flash your internal MyIDE.
-Leave the XEX on your PC, set APE to mirror to that folder as D1:
-Boot the atari, select the XEX.

After that, you need to run SETUP -RI ATR to update your IDE-media with the menu's.
-Boot he atari holding SELECT.
-Press I in the RESET-MENU to disable IDE and boot from SIO

XEX is an Atari-EXE file.
They called XEX because of virus-reports when you mail EXE to friends :)

Do not forget to update (if needed) the partition-table to the MyBIOS 4.x.xx layout.
Just enter the MyIDE-MENU and exit/save. That is all.

Author:  mr-atari [ Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: MyBIOS 4.8.05: -RE -RI -DE -DI (5-feb) -FI -FE (7-feb)

-Some bugs were reported with pressing RESET (what I really do not recommend to do).
Please use SHIFT+CONTROL+ESC as much if possible.
-And some issues going in/out menus were after selecting COLD from the RESET-MENU crashes the system.

Author:  mr-atari [ Fri Jun 20, 2014 2:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: MyBIOS v4.8.0x Manual, 3th party software etc.

I now see, totally forgotten about this....

There is also this unreleased "-0A" beta of the -FE version for the older MyIDE-1Mb cartridges :-)

Author:  mr-atari [ Thu Jan 19, 2017 3:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: MyBIOS 4.8.05: -RE -RI -DE -DI (5-feb) -FI -FE (7-feb)

Re-compiled 4.8.0A after 3 years, could have some bugfixes.....
Don't know anymore.
Just made this for a user-request.

Uses the same manual/specifications as 4.8.05

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