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 Post subject: Software question
PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 12:00 pm 

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I've had this cart for over 1 year now. Worth every penny paid.

2 questions:

(1) I recently got a cuttle cart 3 (for intellivision). THe software for that cart allows creation of submenus. For example, under "main menu" I created submenus of "released games" "prototypes" "homebrews" "demos" (etc). There are games under each submenu.

Is there anyway to create such "submenus" with the software you provide for the atarimax? (I doubt it as it'sprobably the cuttle carts firmware that probably allows submenus.) If not, any chance of a revised software / firmware for the atarimax to do that?

(2) I find that 127 slots is just not enough slots to put in all released games, protos and 8 bit conversions. The cuttle cart 3 usies a microSD card for storage on the cart. With such a card, the only limiation on items you can load in is the size of the card (and not the cart's eproms). Any chance on redesigning the atarimax to use some type of flash card for storage (so that cart storage basically becomes unlimited)? If you are thinking of doing that, perhaps a software /firmware re-write to allow submenus.

This is not to put down the atarimax. It's an excellent product and worth the money you ask for it. I am very glad I bought one from you. If you don't have any plans to make changes to the atarimax, the simple solution to any storage problem is just to get a 2nd atarimax.

Thank you for your time.

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