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Just Flashed my MultiCart using a Mac & OS X 10.5
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Author:  Strangedogs [ Tue Oct 14, 2008 5:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Just Flashed my MultiCart using a Mac & OS X 10.5

My Package arrived SAFE & SOUND thanks to Steve. Was told It probably wouldn't work on my Mac but I wanted to test it out using Virtual PC 7 on my 20" iMac (it is running XP Pro - just slow as it is an emulator but actually owned by Microsoft) mine is strictly POWER PC - not Intel so I can't boot into Windows like the newer Mac's can. I hooked it up - installed the software - Windows found the new hardware and installed everything fine. I burned 1 ROM (Star Raiders) - Voila' - worked Like BUTTER! Figured I'd test out a couple more - LIKE BUTTER - threw 4 at once at it - NO PROBLEMS! I'm sure if I tried to throw 125 at it at once I may have issues but so far so good. I flashed on my 1st GEN 20" IMAC (1.8 GHZ w/1 gig ram) running OS X 10.5. IT WORKS. Will probably hook up one of my PC's tomorrow night and burn em all at once - or maybe not as I HATE PC's with a passion ;)

I can try to do 10 next time and see what happens. Every time I load the .MCW catalog and add to it does it only burn the new ones or does it do them all again? Just wondering. BURNING ROMS ON A MAC WORKS so far and no INTEL machine here - straight PPC. Yippee. I was told the same stuff about burning DREAMCAST CD's (ROMS) - but am waiting for my new Dreamcast to get here and am going to figure it out on my Mac as I have a lot of burning Apps and did find some instructions for Mac burning on an old Forum Post I got from GOOGLE as well as a forum where there are 100's of roms.

STEVE - You Da' Man... Gotta go now - GOTTA play ZAXXON 8)

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