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diy flashcart?
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Author:  trogdorian1 [ Sun Feb 14, 2010 3:10 pm ]
Post subject:  diy flashcart?

i found my old colecovision up in the attic a week ago. the last i saw of it was when i was 10, in 83, when i broke my neighbors window by accident. My mom told me that she sold it to cover the cost, i was mortified. she just put it up there and forgot about it.

skip ahead 27 years, i'm an electrical engineer and i find it, i'm overjoyed. however, i remember my friends all had waaaay bigger game collections than i, and finding that cartridges are few and far inbetween, i resolve to make my own. i find this site, and realizing that the 128 in 1 is $128, i'd like to make something by myself.

is there any open schematics to the coleco 128 in 1? i have an eeprom programmer at work.

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