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SIO2PC Universal Interface

Documentation, 11/11/2006

©2006 Steven J Tucker

Chapter 2: Using Interface in SIO2PC Mode

Interface Configuration

Your new SIO2PC Universal interface requires no jumper settings or other configuration when used with SIO2PC/APE style software.

The APE for Windows software includes a automatic configuration wizard that will detect your cable and configure itself accordingly.

If you are using other software see the program documentation for instructions on how to tell it where your interface is attached.

Configuring the APE Software

If you have never used APE before, download and install the APE for Windows software at

The automatic configuration wizard will start when the program is launched. Follow the cable hookup directions in Chapter 1, then proceed with the configuration wizard.

If you have an existing APE installation, start the program and select 'Options' from the pull down menu. Select the 'Run Configuration Wizard' option to configure your new interface.


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