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Documentation, 11/11/2006

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Chapter 3: Using Interface in ProSystem Mode

Interface Setup

Perform the following steps to use your interface with the ProSystem software.

  1. Turn off the Atari computer and all peripherals
  2. Turn on the Atari computer and allow it to reach either the 'Memo Pad', 'Self-Test' or 'READY' prompt.
  3. Turn on the Atari disk drives you wish you use with the ProSystem software.
  4. Activate the ProSystem software on your PC

You should not turn off or attempt to use the Atari computer while the ProSystem software is accessing your disk drives. Doing so will corrupt the data transfer between your disk drive and the PC, possibly resulting in a garbled disk image or floppy disk.

If the ProSystem software is unable to locate your interface, check the ProSystem configuration to make sure you have it pointed at the correct COM port.

Remember the ProSystem software is designed to work the Atari 810 and 1050 disk drives. YMMV when using this software with 3rd party disk drives such as the Indus GT, Rana and Percom.

Configuring the ProSystem software

The ProSystem software requires you tell it which COM port you have attached the interface to.

If after following the directions above and starting the ProSystem software your disk drives are not recognized, select the 'File' menu and using the 'ProSystem Serial Port' option, select the COM port your interface is attached to.

If you are using the trial version of the APE/ProSystem software, only one disk drive will be recognized and it must have its 'drive ID' set to Drive #1. Most Atari drives have sliders or dip-switches on the rear of the drive to set the Drive ID.

A good rule of thumb is that if you can boot a game disk in your disk drive, it is already set to drive #1.


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