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Documentation, 06/11/2006

©2015 Steven J Tucker

Chapter 4: Finding Software to use with your Interface

PC Software

There are many SIO2PC style software packages available. How well your interface works is a direct function of how well your SIO2PC software works. All SIO2PC programs are not created equal. If you experience bad results with one software package, try another.

APE/ProSystem for Windows and DOS (Full featured software, shareware, no time limit)

SIO2PC (Free DOS software, may run in Windows DOS box)

Linux SIO2PC (Unsupported with source code)


Atari Software

The best part of SIO2PC is you are able to access gigantic internet archives of Atari software. You can download these disk images with your PC and then run them directly on the Atari using your SIO2PC/APE style software!

These are some links to sites containing Atari 'ATR' disk images. 'ATR' images are the type of images used by all SIO2PC software.

ATR Game and Utility Images (for use with all SIO2PC software and Atari Computer)

Homesoft's Disk Images Archive

Pooldisk Online at (only non-commercial software from the Pooldisk set, with permission)

Yet Another Atari ATR Game Archive

If you know of another archive of Atari ATR images, please e-mail.

EXE Game Files (for use with APE PC-Mirror EXE Loader)

Please note the actual filename extension on Atari executables are often listed as exe, com, xex or bin.

In order to save these files in some browsers you may have to right-click and choose the 'Save As' option.

Mirror of Jellystone Park EXE Archive

Yet Another Atari EXE Game Archive

If you know of another archive of Atari EXE games, please e-mail.


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