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SIO2PC USB Interface

SIO2PC Universal Interface

USB Edition Setup Documentation

©2015 Steven J Tucker

Chapter 2: SIO Hookup Instructions


SIO2PC Universal - USB/SIO Jack Version

Attach a standard Atari SIO cable to the Atari Computer or to the last device in your SIO chain.

Attach the other end of the SIO cable to the SIO jack on the SIO2PC/ProSystem Interface.

You are now ready to install the drivers for your USB interface, click here to proceed to Chapter 3 .


SIO2PC Universal - USB/Terminals Version

Hookup of this interface requires a SIO cable with one end removed and the wires exposed.

Each wire that is to be inserted into the SIO2PC interface should have approximately one half inch of bare copper showing. Do not insert the wires into the interface without stripping them or they will not make contact, even when the terminals are tightened.

To attach the wire to the terminal block, use a small flat head screwdriver and turn the appropriate terminal block screw counter-clockwise until the corresponding clamp on the front of the interface opens completely.

Insert the stripped end of the wire into the terminal block space and while holding the wire in place, turn the screw on the terminal block clockwise until it is very tight, capturing the wire inside the terminal block.

Repeat this step for each wire according to the color chart below.

Many SIO cables have different wire color schemes, a few of the most common ones are listed below.

Unused wires should be cut short with no copper exposed to prevent shorts.

You are now ready to install the drivers for your USB interface, click here to proceed to Chapter 3 .

  Standard Molex SIO Cable MPP Printer Interface Cable "Round Holes" SIO Cable
Block #1 Yellow Wire (info needed, submit) Yellow Wire
Block #2 Black Wire White Wire Black Wire
Block #3 Purple Wire Orange Wire Light Green Wire
Block #4 Orange Wire Brown Wire Orange Wire
Block #5 Green Wire Black Wire Dark Green Wire
Block #6 Blue Wire Green Wire Blue Wire

  Taiwan Pastel Taiwan w/ Striped Wires Grey Cable (No Brand Markings)
Block #1 (info needed, submit) (info needed, submit) (info needed, submit)
Block #2 Black Wire Orange Wire Black Wire
Block #3 Red Wire Green Wire Red Wire
Block #4 Grey Wire Red Wire White Wire
Block #5 Pink Wire Yellow Wire Brown Wire
Block #6 Brown Wire Grey Wire Orange Wire

  Other Cables (By Signal Name)    
Block #1 MOTOR CONTROL    
Block #2 GROUND    
Block #3 /COMMAND    
Block #4 Atari Data IN    
Block #5 Atari Data OUT    
Block #6 5v+/READY    


  The serial connector pin-out
                            1 1
                    2 4 6 8 0 2
                   /o o o o o o\
                  /o o o o o o o\
                   1 3 5 7 9 1 1
                             1 3
      1  clock in (to computer)
      2  clock out
      3  data in
      4  GND
      5  data out
      6  GND
      7  command (active low)
      8  cassette motor control
      9  proceed (active low)
     10  +5V/ready
     11  audio in
     12  +12V (400/800)
     13  interrupt (active low)


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